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    AeroTech model rockets are different! Large size, sleek aerodynamics and adult styling single out AeroTech rockets as something special. But, take a look inside. That’s where you’ll find a revolution in model rocket design!AeroTech rockets have durable polymer fins with precision molded airfoils. The unique Fin-Lok™ fin mounting system carries and distributes aerodynamic and thrust loads throughout an integrated rocket structure. Assembly is quick, easy, neat, and precise. When the rocket reaches peak altitude, the Labyrinth™ ejection gas cooling system cools the hot gas from the rocket motor ejection charge. The cooled ejection gas pressurizes the parachute bay and ejects the parachute (requiring no parachute wadding). Every kit comes with motor adapters that allow you to easily use a range of different length, diameter and power AeroTech rocket motors. Innovative design and quality materials make AeroTech rockets unmatched in precision, style, performance, durability and ease of assembly. All AeroTech mid-power (E, F, G) kits are of single stage design and come equipped with a 29mm motor mount. A 24mm motor adapter is also included with Arreaux, Barracuda, Cheetah, HV Arcas, Initiator, IQSY Tomahawk, Mustang, Strong Arm and Wart-Hog. All kits recover with a single nylon parachute with the exception of the Astrobee D and the Mirage which use two nylon parachutes.
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    About Estes Rockets

    Estes Industries was founded in 1958 in Denver, Colorado. Vern Estes developed a machine that mass-produced solid propellant model rocket engines.

    This invention gave people a consistent and reliable way to launch model rockets. Later, the company branched out into the mass production of balsa nose cones and adapters for model rockets. Estes® began selling model rockets by mail in 1960.

    The company was moved in 1961 to a 77-acre tract of land on the outskirts of Penrose, Colorado. Rapid growth followed and soon Penrose became known as the “Model Rocket Capital of the World”. Estes Industries has grown to be the leading manufacturer of model rocket kits, engines and accessories in the world. COX® joined the Estes family of products in 1996.

    For over 50 years, COX has been the choice of millions of families getting started in model airplane flying. COX products are designed for first time users who want the best start to a flying adventure and for more advanced fliers. Experience the magic of flying with COX Free Flying, Control Line or Radio Control aircraft. In January 2010, the Estes-Cox Corporation was purchased by Hobbico, a 100% Employee-Owned Corporation based in Champaign, Illinois, and will continue operations in Penrose, Colorado.rocket flightprofile

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    These models are out of production and are often rare items that are very populair with collectors.

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